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To T.REX from joe

게시물 등록정보
작성자 김조운 등록일 2019-02-28 조회 1,002

Hello I miss you rex I want to see you

I saw you cry before I go korea

I want to talk with kakaotalk

Please tall your name so we can talk each other

I will write letter later 

My mom want to talk you because I told you is my best teacher so my mom want to see you also thankyou to you 

나도 사랑해 렉스 teacher

Did you remember many songs~~


Maybe I will write  feburary thirten maybe 

So good night

  • 관리자 2019.02.28 10:00

    안녕 조운아. VICTOR선생님이다.

    한국에는 잘들어간거니?

    조운이가 쓴 글은 REX선생님께 전달하고 답장쓰라고 전해줄께.

    한국에서도 열심히하고 잘지내거라.

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